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Stenik supports the hip-hop video by Fullclip & Lara “Commercial”

Stenik and Phoenix Production & Postproduction produced the first video by the young singer Lara and the rappers Fullcip. The track is called “Commercial” and it’s available on YouTube and also on the project Music Space by Mtel.

Stenik loves MailChimp

Stenik is using MailChimp for many of its clients. After receiving the t-shirt from America, together with my partner Dimitar and Lili we had some free time and decided to show our respect to the famous newsletter software in a different way.

Creative by me and Dimitar, photos by Bobby and designed by Apostol and Nikola

Stenik loves MailChimp with Stefan, Dimitar and Lili

Stenik loves MailChimp with Stefan, Dimitar and Lili

Stenik about Webit 2011

Stenik was again at Webit in 2011. But this year without feedback in my or Stenik blogs.

Stenik at Webit 2011

Кой е Стефан Чорбанов?

Stefan Chorbanov, Stenik
От 2004 г., като разработчик, PM и консултант в Stenik, работя по електронните магазини на Кокетна, CarpetMAX, Хиполенд, Пакостник, Ozone, Денси, Кабелкомерс, WS Teleshop и много други. Като хоби, развивам и мои онлайн магазини, което ме прави специалист не само от страната на разработчика, а и от страната на търговеца – опит, който малцина притежават.
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